Archeology | By the By

I first read about the band Archeology in a Willamette Week review and liked their style and attitude. Very Portland. After a listen to their music I was hooked. I started following them on Facebook and always had them in the back of my mind for a possible creative project. I eventually contacted them in the hopes they needed a killer music video…and they did. Jason, Daniel and I met up at my studio and hashed out video ideas for their single By the By. We planned a big two day shoot in St Helens and Scappoose with a few extras playing the choir. We had a great turnout and shoot…perfect weather and very sunny for a February in Oregon. The band killed it and I think we killed it on our end…but you the viewer will be the judge of that. I told Archeology that if they make it big (and they will) that they have to take me with them. Music Video. (3:31)

By the By has been featured in:
Teen Vogue
Sound on the Sound

By the By

River Seine Records

Directed and Edited by Travis Shields
Cinematography by Travis Shields and Shawn Beckman
Creative Conception by Jason Davis, Daniel Walker and Travis Shields

Benjamin Haysom
Daniel Walker
Jason Davis
Justin Rodriguez
Zachary Dilday
Brian Fiore-Silfvast
Joshua Koehnke
Erin Rogers
Ross Morrell
Bethany Boardway
Rachel Hove
Barbara Ketchum
Jeremy Clark
Hannah Sheets